Kids try new things with program

WARREN – Whether it’s taking photos, practicing tae kwon do, using sign language or examining evidence at scene the Saturday Enrichment programs offer a variety of experiences for local children.

Jaclyn Rausch, supervisor of gifted and talented services for the Trumbull County Educational Service Center, said for six weeks on Saturdays in February and March children in second to sixth grades can explore different programs.

Rausch said a six-week session was held in the fall and then again this spring with 25 choices on cultural awareness, sign language, drawing and forensic science.

“There are many different classes the children can select from,” she said.

Rausch said last fall she gave a survey to parents to see what classes their children liked.

She said foreign languages such as French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish are popular as is forensics.

“This program used to be by invitation only when students were nominated by their teachers. The students didn’t have to be in the gifted program. This past fall, it was decided to open the program to all second to sixth grade students in public schools throughout the county,” she said.

More classes, in addition to foreign language enrichment, were added for second and third grades.

“Before the second- and third-graders were only offered foreign language classes. This time they could select more,” Rausch said.

As many as 150 to 200 children are participating each week.

Yovani Martinez, a fifth-grader at Warren City Schools, said he wanted to see what being a photographer was like and decided to take that class.

“It’s a really nice class,” Martinez said, noting he took a Spanish class before and wanted to try something different.

“I like being able to go different places to take photos of scenery,” he said.

Danielle Deyerman, sixth-grader at Warren schools, said she was given a camera for Christmas and wanted to learn how to best use it to take good photos.

“I wasn’t sure if I would like the class but after being here I really enjoy taking pictures, she said adding she has learned how to use her new camera.

Jack Beard, a retired teacher, started the original enrichment program more than 30 years ago when there were a few offerings.

“This program has really taken a lot of steps forward and has been given a different look. Many of the new classes and programs offered were possible due to the changes in the times,” he said.

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