Champion offers after-school enrichment

CHAMPION – For Champion Central Elementary School third and fourth graders, there is a time and place in school to throw paper airplanes around the room.

The airplane throwing was just one of several science-related activities conducted by Champion High School science teacher John Fisher as part of a new after-school enrichment program called “Beyond the Bell.”

Erin Jordan, a Title I after-school teacher and kindergarten teacher, said the program is made possible through Title I funds and provides assistance in learning and enrichment to third and fourth graders.

In addition to the on-site activities, which include guest speakers such as Fisher, who conducted science experiments and activities, there are also field trips.

School Principal Ali Nannicola said the students recently went to the Sunrise Restaurant in Warren, where they saw how the business runs and also got to enjoy a meal.

Nannicola said in addition to the enrichment activities, there is also time each week after school for assistance in reading.

Jordan, along with teachers Jaclyn Moore, Chelsea Spangler, Courtney MacElhaney and Jennifer Parker, assist the third and fourth graders with reading skills.

“The children can be part of the program after school as an addition to their regular reading lessons in class,” Jordan said, explaining there is not time available during the regular school day for the assistance and enrichment program.

Kyle Sitko, a fourth grader, said the program has helped him to be a better reader.

“This has been helpful and fun. I like the different activities we do,” he said as he put the finishing touches on his airplane before competing with other students to see how far it could fly in the air in the cafeteria.

Madison Jones, a third grader, said she enjoys getting help with her reading.

“I really enjoy informational books, ” she said.