Web resources get farmers through spring

Hello, Tribune Chronicle readers! Finally, it feels like spring might be here! I urge farmers and gardeners not to get in too big of a hurry. Our soil is still very wet and cool. Patience will be key, as we allow Mother Nature to wake up from her winter slumber.

While we wait, I would like to remind producers about four great OSU Extension web resources that are helping farmers keep their management skills on the cutting edge.

Producers can sharpen their management skills by subscribing to the Ohio Ag Manager electronic newsletter. This newsletter, published monthly, delivers information relevant to the management of profitable agricultural businesses. Each month, seven to 10 articles are written and published on the Ohio Ag Manager website at: ohioagmanager.osu.edu.

These articles are on a variety of issues ranging from tax tips and labor management to legal liability to financial benchmarking. Producers can access the newsletter online or elect to have the newsletter sent directly to their email account each month. Each edition is archived on the website and a search feature is available allowing producers to search for answers to their management questions. I am sure that you will find the Ohio Ag Manager to be a valuable member of your farm management toolbox.

Another great website for producers to access is OSU Extension’s Agronomy website located at: agcrops.osu.edu. This website features the Crop Observation and Recommendation Network (CORN) newsletter. This weekly newsletter is written by the agronomy team and highlights the hot disease, insect, and growth issues of the growing season. The website also contains in-depth information on corn, soybean, wheat, forages, weeds, diseases, insects, crop injury, fertility, equipment, precision agriculture, markets, weather and soil management. There are tons of great pictures to help producers identify insects and diseases. Producers can also subscribe to have the CORN newsletter sent directly to their email accounts. This award-winning website helps producers manage their crops during the growing season.

The OSU Extension offices in northeast Ohio invite agriculture producers to log on and check out the new Northeast Ohio Agriculture Blog located at: northeastohioagriculture.wordpress.com. The goal of this blog is to provide timely updates in farm management (business planning and succession planning), small farmer education, and production agriculture (dairy, beef, and grapes) in northeast Ohio. Any interested persons can subscribe and get an email notice of each new blog entry to their computer or cell phone as soon as it is posted. This allows for producers to stay current on agricultural topics in northeast Ohio. I encourage you to check it out.

Another blog producers will want to check out is our OSU Extension Agricultural Law Blog written by Peggy Hall, attorney and director of the OSU Agricultural and Resource Law Program. The goal of this blog is to updated producers across Ohio on the legal issues affecting agriculture. This blog also has a nice search feature and the categories on this blog include: animals, biotechnology, conservation programs, contracts, crop issues, environmental, estate planning, food, labor, property, renewable energy, roadway laws, taxes and zoning. This blog can be accessed at: aglaw.osu.edu/blog

I hope each of you will check out these great OSU Extension resources. Best of luck as you gear up for planting season.

Marrison is associate professor and extension educator, agriculture and natural resources, Ohio State University Extension. He can be reached at 440-576-9008 or marrison.2@osu.edu