From life’s dirty kitchen, spring offers rebirth

I hope everyone around the Valley has had a good weekend, hopping down Easter Bunny Lane at Kraynak’s and enjoying fine candies from Gorant’s and Daffin’s. The weather was kind to friends and families wanting to spend the holiday together.

Spring is the time to reflect on rebirth, rejuvenation, and the reawakening of our surroundings.

Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and roads are being shellacked down with a fresh layer. Nothing like the smell of hot patch in the morning!

Saturday, I was in a bit of a funk. The dishes pile wasn’t getting any lower, the sink wouldn’t stay stopped, the computer was on its last leg, the cardboard toilet paper roll swung bare, and the cupboards had more cobwebs than food. (Seriously, I like my spider friends because they keep the moths at bay, but I swear they’re eating my peanut butter).

Surrounded by a bunch of mess and half-finished chores, I turned on the coffee maker (well, the espresso machine I got at the thrift store for $1), and the little green power light fell off. OK, when the coffee maker starts falling apart, things are getting serious.

Then the savory roast of beans my parents brought back from vacation in Dominican Republic filled the air, mellowing things out a bit. Soon I was cradling a warm cup and looking out the back door.

The cinnamon coffee mixed with the fresh air from the backyard, carrying with it the songs of robins hopping around in the grass. Fresh back from their jaunt to wherever they go that’s not freezing, the birds were happily getting fat off worms in preparation for the spring eggs.

You can’t not smile at a lovely spring day, sun beaming warm and bright, birds doing bird stuff, the sound of kids playing with their Easter toys in the distance. The dirty crud dishes were forgotten.

Looking into my rich brown coffee, I remembered the story my mom told me about the plantation where the coffee beans came from. The village only had one well for fresh water, some of the kids had no shoes, the school had no books. Vacationers brought crayons and supplies for the kids.

Well, fiddlesticks. My empty toilet paper roll didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore.

Earth Day is this week. The planet is a lot bigger than my kitchen of despair. The world was still turning for places with a lot worse things going on. So much more at stake, so much more to get accomplished.

I patted a layer of crushed eggshells into the soft soil of a flower bed. I had been saving the shells to fortify the dried-up beds from last year’s blooms. Lower down, morning glory seeds nestled, hopefully preparing to grow after a long residence in my junk drawer.

What once was brown, ucky muck is green again. The world is reborn, life goes on. Enjoy it, don’t sweat it; the cupboard spiders bloom into morning glories. So chow down on a chocolate bunny. Or five.

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