There’s a race in 14th GOP primary

First, I made a mistake here last Sunday. I wrote that neither candidate running in the 14th U.S. Congressional District race, Republican U.S. Rep. Dave Joyce and Democrat Michael Wager, faced opposition in the May 6 primary election.

Wrong. Republican state Rep. Matt Lynch of Bainbridge is seeking the GOP nomination for the U.S. House seat, too.

The Republican primary winner will face Wager in the November election.

Lynch is eligible to run for another term in the 76th District Ohio House seat, which includes most of Geauga County and the northern portion of Portage County, but he has his sights set on the U.S. House seat.

* * *

Lisha Pompili-Baumiller, in her bid to win the Democratic nomination for Trumbull County commissioner, has some surprising support from Pat Paridon of McDonald.

What’s unusual is that Paridon is a Republican seeking the GOP nomination in the same election for that commissioner’s seat. Paridon is running unopposed, meaning she will face either Pompili-Baumiller, a councilwoman in Hubbard, or Democratic incumbent county Commissioner Frank Fuda in November.

Paridon has photos posted on her Facebook page of her at Pompili-Baumiller’s fundraiser in February. In one that’s blurred, she’s posing with Pompili-Baumiller.

On another page on Facebook, in comments below a commercial posted there by Pompili-Baumiller, Paridon encourages people to vote for Pompili-Baumiller and it appears by her comments, she’s doing it in public, too.

”When I check out at the stores, I simply ask the cashier, ‘Do you live in Trumbull County?’ Then I give them Lisha’s card and ask for them to vote for my friend, Lisha. They always thank me! TALK! TALK! TALK!,” wrote Paridon.

I told Paridon in an email the situation is unusual to me. She agreed in a message back, but wrote the primary election at the county level is ”about the people and not so much party affiliation.”

In a statement, she wrote ”everyone, regardless of political affiliation” needs to vote a Democratic ballot on May ”because that is where the incumbent is being challenged.”

I asked if she intended to try to vote a Democratic ballot.

”No, as the Republican Candidate (sic) I cannot pull a Democrat ballot and any Republicans who are running or plan on running for any office will NOT be able to ask for the Democrat ballot in May either, according to political by laws (sic),” she wrote.

Trumbull County Republican Party chairwoman Kathi Creed said Paridon is ”committed and passionate” in her message that the incumbent needs to be challenged, and that in Paridon’s heart, ”she is confident that her actions to advance the opponent are sound,” but the job of the Republican Party is to support Republican candidates.

Creed wrote in an email that voter registrations in Trumbull County cause conservative people who run for office to ”wear a Democrat label,” maybe out of fear, intimidation, rejection of reprisal.

”The answer will come when enough of our people, who are of like mind, overcome their trepidation, fearlessly exhibit their values, proudly display their identity and run as Republicans,” wrote Creed. ”The solution does not come when Republicans vote Democrat in a primary.”