An Olympics fan says farewell as the flame goes out

Well, this is it. Last day of the XXII Winter Olympic Games from Sochi, Russia.


It’s always such a letdown when the Olympics end. No more staying up all night, breathlessly awaiting the results I already got on my smart phone at 1:04 p.m.

Stupid breaking news alerts.

I can’t help but always feel melancholy when the games end. Perhaps it’s because of the national pride they evoke, maybe it’s because they occur so relatively infrequently (in comparison with, say, the never ending NBA season) or maybe it’s just the sheer awe spurred by some of the breathtaking athletic performances, overall. But, whatever the reason, I hate to see the games go.

At this writing, the U.S. medal count stands at 25, the most of any country, overall. We trail only Norway in gold and I’m sorry to say that my deadline for this column precedes the outcome of the men’s hockey semi-finals. So, I’m not even sure we beat Canada to get to the gold medal round on that one Hmpf. Let’s assume the best!

As in, that’s exactly we saw from U.S. ice dancing when Charlie White and Meryl Davis edged out our neighbors to the north to bring home the gold for the first time ever in that sport.


Wait, what? Can it be that some of you out there are still scoffing at my ice dancing? Look people, if ice shuffleboard / cold bocce / frozen corn hole, I mean curling is a sport, then back off my ice dancing!

Seriously, I don’t understand how detractors can continue to dis ice dancing when the guys and gals competing in curling are actually swigging back beer and munching nachos in between rounds. OK, not really, but still! If I can cheer on the grunting, sweeping, swishing, gliding and blowing U.S. curling team, why can’t you people get behind Charlie and Meryl. Come on!

Truth be told, I prefer the summer Olympics to the winter Games. Clearly my disdain for the latter season is a deterrent for me but beyond that, I believe it’s the fact that my son’s a swimmer and my husband and I are runners that I find the summer Olympics more engaging.

That being said, this winter Olympics had more crazy, amazing, tremendous, incredible, wild and plain old astounding moments than any I can recall recently. I mean, the skiing halfpipe, slopestyle and aerials? Holy schnikee! Talking about terrifying heights and dangerous flips, twists and turns. And skeleton? Dear Lord, that sport is even scarier than Bob Costas’s nasty eye goop.


And, speaking of being afraid, is it me or was the Russian ice skating team terrified of Vladimir Putin during their guarded thank you speech after winning the gold? “Yes, we are happy thanking President Putin for all he has done we are all very happy and thanking him is he still in arena? Yes, so happy “

Hmm. I sure hope somebody finds the Russian men’s hockey team soon.

Oh well, I’m just glad Putin left his shirt one throughout the games. Here’s looking forward to summer 2016!

Kimerer is a Tribune Chronicle columnist who loves the Olympics and will cheer for every American in every sport, every time. Contact her with your rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at