Cookies will put you on Santa’s nice list

Like most things in your Facebook feed, recipe posts offer an almost constant distraction.

In between all of the cats, babies and memes, food posts flood Facebook, always luring readers in with their attractive photographs. Whenever I see a picture of some perfectly prepared dish, I have to stop and click on the link – almost daring myself to replicate it.

And, like most Facebook / Pinterest crafts, the picture is almost always nothing like what you end up with.

However, a recipe came across my feed from The Bite Sized Baker with all kinds of superlative descriptions, “the best cookie I have ever eaten” and “my life has changed because of a cookie” among the best of them. How can you not want to check that out?

Clicking on the link, I saw the magic word – Nutella – and knew this was something I wanted to try. And, to my relief, the recipe seemed pretty simple, and contained things I already had at home, save for the chocolate chips. Score.

Nutella is big on the Internet. Since the hazelnut spread first came around, it has had strong online support, creating a cult of Nutella that is only rivaled by the Sriracha cult.

There are all kinds of Nutella recipes, but this one seemed like the one to try. Not only did the recipe writer claim this cookie would change my life, but the testimonials from others confirmed the power of the cookie. I had an unopened jar of Nutella in my cupboard, so I knew what I must do.

The beginning of the recipe is a basic chocolate-chip cookie recipe. The only unusual part was browning the butter, which gives the butter a nutty, savory flavor and an aroma that fills your kitchen. I suggest browning butter for all of your future melted butter needs. Aside from that, mixing the dough and chips together is pretty basic.

Forming the balls of dough was another story. I had some trouble flattening the dough out and with spooning the Nutella into them. I couldn’t get small enough Nutella scoops, so my cookies ended up being pretty large.

Also, I didn’t wrap the cookies back up very neatly, and had to add more dough to cover up the leaks. But, who can complain about bigger cookies? The only thing is that if you make them bigger, they should cook a little longer.

The cookies came out of the oven seeming a little soft, but were done. Sprinkle the coarse sea salt on them while still warm, so that it sticks. Despite my messy dough-balls, the Nutella stayed nestled inside. Breaking a cookie apart, the hazelnut spread stretched gooey and warm.

The cookies were indeed amazing: sweet and salty, soft and gooey but with a crunch; you will definitely need some milk for this. If you set out a plate of these for Santa, you will definitely be on the nice list this year.