Fire power

I love fall. I love candles. I love pretty things. With that being said, it was very easy to decide what my fall Tribune Chronicle Pinterest story would be about – fall candles and arrangements.

Fall candles are amazing. The smells around the house that are generated from the perfect candle gives one that warm fuzzy feeling during a rainy, cool, fall afternoon.

However, I know many times myself and others will just go down to our favorite candle shop, find a smell that suits, and puts it somewhere around the house. I’ve been guilty of that for years.

A nice decorative candle setup, which can be used as a standalone piece or expanded into a centerpiece for a table, doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. And if done right, it can be inexpensive as many of the items can be used for different setups for all seasons, or reused for the following fall.

All of these projects can be done with vases / cylinders that are to your liking, shape and size. Also, the candle size and smell are whatever you want to fill your house.