Appreciating the people who bring smiles to your day

Well, It is officially autumn 2013. And, at this point in autumn 2013, my friends, I am sad to report that I’m fairly hard pressed to find many happy headlines in this jumbled-up world of ours.


But on a brighter note, that’s kinda why I started this column so folks could have at least a bit of levity or an uplifting moment in their day, even if only fleetingly so.

In case you haven’t noticed, I really, really like making people smile and chuckle and even snort once in while. And so, in a week filled with more senseless tragedy, sobering inhumanity and natural disaster, I sought out a ray of sunshine.

I didn’t need to look far. In fact, I just glanced across the aisle at church in the pew adjacent to mine and there she was tiny Mya.

Mya is a diminutive, nearly six-year-old girl with dark-flaxen hair and bright blue eyes – heck, she’s got the face of an angel herself with just the brightest smile; the cutest little hop in her step and the most precious little lilt in her voice I digress.

Yep, she is adorable, that sweetie pie, Mya.

“Hello! How are you? I’m so happy to see you!” she said all at once to Kerry and me as she jumped up into my arms and wrapped herself around my waist planting a super-sized hug on me that melted me into a heaping pile of mush on the floor.

“Hi, Princess!” I said, stroking her ribbon-dotted hair and smoothing her purple velvet dress.

Mya attends Mass at our church with her paternal grandparents often and whenever she does, the Kimerers’ collective day is just a teeny bit brighter our hearts are just a smidgeon more full we smile more broadly on those Sunday mornings.

Indeed, Kerry and Kyle are both as smitten with the beautiful Mya as am I; we’ve even had family meetings about how we might convince her folks to let her sublease a room at our house.

More digression.

Last week, the cutie patootie wanted to pose for a photo; a thought that had already entered my mind a time or two … hundred. Certainly doesn’t hurt to have the image of one more delightful face to whip out on a sad, dreary Monday.

And just like that, the thought or picture of a smiling Mya – and of course, any snap of my own devastatingly handsome son – can chase away the fright-filled weepies that creep into a mother’s heart every time she checks the latest national news update.

Ah, a little inspiration – it does a heart good.

And for those who might be looking for a whole evening full of such insight, you might want to check out Brian Blasko’s “A Night of Inspiration: Life is a Journey Enjoy the Ride!” presentation this Thursday night at the DeYor Performing Arts Center in nearby Youngstown. Brian is a motivational speaker, book author and self-proclaimed fun guy. Check him out at

And don’t forget to appreciate all the Kyles and Myas in your own pew.

Kimerer is a Tribune Chronicle columnist and seeker of happy. Shoot her some good vibes at