Food choices reveal quirks and quacks

Apparently, the quote should be, ”You eat what you are.” Whole crops of surveys purport to reveal your traits, quirks and annoying habits by the flavors of food you choose.

Are you impulsive and idealistic? Then you’re likely standing in line for vanilla ice cream.

Practical and guided by common sense? Enjoy the carrot cupcakes.

If you can’t get enough of chocolate chip cookies, you’re the kind of person who tackles obstacles head-on, and you turn bad conditions to your favor.

There’s no need to spend the family grocery bill on psychologists. Just read the shopping list.

So what’s on the menu? Here’s a sampler of food personality traits to chew on.

— Ice Cream

According to Baskin-Robbins and taste expert Dr. Alan Hirsch, if your favorite flavor is:

Chocolate, you’re likely to be dramatic and flirtatious;

Rocky road, aggressive and engaging;

Chocolate chip cookie dough, ambitious and a visionary;

Rainbow sherbet, analytic and pessimistic.

— Cupcakes

According to Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis, stars of ”DC Cupcakes,” if your favorite confection is:

Peanut butter fudge, you tend to jump into new activities without worry or hesitation;

Lemon berry, spunky, fun and embrace life;

Mocha, ambitious go-getter;

Red velvet, you’re in a ”lovey-dovey mood.”

— Hot dogs

Cosmopolitan magazine says if your condiment of choice is:

Ketchup and / or mustard, chances are that you’re laid back and go with the flow;

Sauerkraut and mustard, loyal and introverted;

Chili, unrestrained, extroverted and emotional;

The works, try anything once and don’t let little things get you down.

— Pizza toppings

Psychologist and pizza lover Brandon Willis says if you choose:

Plain cheese, you’re analytical and cut through superficial trivialities;

Pepperoni, loyal, and willing to sacrifice your choice for the majority rule;

Mushrooms, industrious, and perhaps suckered into doing everyone else’s work;

Onions, life is an adventure.

— Cookies

Patti Stafford of Yahoo! says behavioral food studies show that if your favorite is:

Chunky or nutty, you’re adventurous;

Peanut butter, nurturing and serene;

Oatmeal, smart and complicated.

— Oreos

In 2004, Kraft surveyed more than 2,000 Oreo eaters and found that:

Dunkers tend to be energetic, adventurous, extremely social – and Republican;

Twisters tend to be emotional, sensitive, artistic and trendy – and Democrat;

Biters are easy going, self-confident and optimistic – and, apparently, independent.

That’s what the surveys say, anyway.

If this appetizer has you licking your lips for more, look for fuller menus of these studies to be posted beginning later this week on ”Burt’s Eye Blog” on

Until then, be careful of what you eat. It reveals what you are.

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