Back roads offer sights

You don’t need to travel far to find some diverse and interesting places to visit.

Just start out and travel the back roads of Trumbull County. From one end to the other or from north to south, you can find about as much contrast in things to see and do as there are in most counties.

While I’m more acquainted with the back roads in northern Trumbull County, in years past I have had opportunities to travel both the southeastern and southwestern areas. And the sights and sounds you find over the county are interesting.

Starting with the Mesopotamia area, which is one of the most interesting and fascinating in the county, you can find a big concentration of Amish families. Among the rolling and hilly back roads of that area are nestled Amish farm after farm and many Amish homes where the family doesn’t farm, but works in industry or at carpentry or furniture making.

On the right day, you can see the bright but plain colors of Amish clothing hanging on the clothesline, using Mother Nature to dry their laundry.

A bit earlier, teams of three or four horses would be seen plowing, harrowing or planting fields. They would be small fields compared to those of other farmers with modern tractors and equipment. In Mespo, you can see both kinds. Just don’t be in a hurry, but take time to look.

Across the northern townships in the county, you can see a different topography from the rolling hills of Mespo to the more flat, sometimes swampy areas of North Bloomfield and Greene. Back roads in these areas will show you a lot of farming along with some areas of rural housing on rather isolated roads.

One of the more picturesque farms with a great view down the slope to the west is Viney Hill Farm in North Bloomfield. This is a well-run farm with upward of 300 cows that gives you a good idea of one of the few good dairy farms left in the county.

Over in the Gustavas-Kinsman area, a back road visit will show you one of the finest agricultural areas in all of Ohio. Large, well-run farms with a good, well-drained soil type are worth your visit. On down to Vernon and Hartford are more good farming areas, along with some residential homes located here and there.

Down the eastern side of the county, the country side tends to get more rolling and hilly. Pockets of farming along with residential communities are found in townships like Brookfield, Liberty and Vienna. Yet these back roads offer opportunities to see how farming and residential areas live side by side.

Newton Township is another one with an excellent farming area in the southern part of the township along with the community of Newton Falls. Back roads of Braceville, Southington, Bristol and Mecca all have something to offer. Mecca, with the Mosquito Reservoir, has some different areas with the state park, marinas and various lake views.

Then try to find some of the less known communities of Farmdale, Nutwood, Center of the World, Delightful, Orangeville, Germantown and more. If you can’t find them, a recent highway map of the county should have them listed.

So with out traveling a long ways, and if you take you time, you can find many interesting sights along the back roads of the country. Just remember to watch for other traffic and walkers when you are looking around the country side. Distractions can be serious and, while we want you to enjoy our area, be a safe driver. If something gets your attention, pull off the road, stop and take your time to look at it.

In this county, you can pick and choose because there is something of interest for every one!

Parker is an independent writer for the Tribune.