Celebrating freedom of the press and the 49ers

I was at a work function the other evening when I introduced myself to someone who responded, “Patty Kimerer? Do you write a column for the Tribune Chronicle?”

Immediately, I scanned the room for the exits. “Hmm, I’ll never make it there in the blink of an eye,” I thought. In the millisecond to follow, I considered flat out denial. I mean, how could you really pick me out of a lineup from that teeny little column cover photo anyway? Could go either way in court.

But, instead, I braced myself for a barrage of “Are you crazy?” “You’re annoying!” and “You are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?”-type dictum, when something quite peculiar happened.

“Oh, I really enjoy those. I read them every week,” said my brilliant and wonderful new BFF. Realizing this must be his first out-of-the-house excursion in a good long while, I fought the urge to ask if he was feeling well and instead impishly gushed, “Thank you so much!”

He went on to tell me that he feels as if he knows me and my husband and son from my weekly offerings. Such a nice man; far too polite to tell me that I blather on about myself and my family too much, but I digress.

It got me to thinking about my exact sentiments and how grateful I am to the paper’s editorial staff for permitting me to air them so unreservedly. It reiterated my fierce passion for and adoration of the country of my birth which provides me the freedom to speak my mind at will -among so many other hard-fought liberties. I take none of them for granted.

Anyway, it likewise prompted me to share a little bit more about my ol’ sentiments. Some are patently obvious, such as: I’m a super proud mom. I love laughter, friends, family, America, God, Erma Bombeck, running and coffee – but not necessarily in that order.

Other Patty-held opinions about which you may neither know nor care, include: I love jazz music, 1980s hair bands and the Beatles, yet loathe disco. I am in favor of rising quite early each day – but also of hitting the snooze button five times before doing so.

I’m really uncomfortable, by the way, with how much I know about Joe Thiesmann’s prostate. I could live quite happily never seeing another Cialis or Viagra commercial. Blech.

I, like most of the free world, have wanted the 49ers to win the Super Bowl tonight since the two teams were determined. It wasn’t until I heard Joe Flacco’s bonehead remark about next year’s Super Bowl, though, that I decided I would love to see San Francisco beat Baltimore into the ground.

Here’s something else you may or may not have surmised: I think newsworthy news should make the news. So, when my close pal and Warren native Father Christopher Cicero informed me that the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., a.k.a. the Pilgrimage for Life 2013, got very little press, I scratched my head.

“That’s like, a lot of people, isn’t it?” I wondered aloud. He confirmed that it indeed was. And, since an Internet search about the event generated very few results, I thought I’d give the matter a little attention.

Father C. led a group from my home parish of St. Christine’s on their second consecutive visit to our nation’s capital to protest Roe v Wade and attend the Youth Rally and Mass for Life held at the University of Maryland Comcast Center.

“As Catholics, we participate in the march to stand against the culture of death, which is an affront to the fundamental dignity of human persons. The culture of death directly targets life in abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, the destruction of human life for scientific research, etc. We also stand against racism, neglect for the poor and disabled, and all acts that denigrate human dignity,” he said.

But here’s the lead: the march draws some 250,000 participants many of them, members of youth groups across the country. Teenagers coming together, traveling a far distance – not to attend a concert or sporting event, but to peaceably stand up for what they strongly believe?

To me, that’s news. Well, that and what the Kardashians are wearing to their Super Bowl party. Go Niners!

Kimerer is a Tribune Chronicle columnist. She has lots and lots and lots of thoughts. Send her some of yours at pkimerer@