Real estate transfers

Property transferred in Trumbull County July 12 -19


Patricia Myers to Eric P. Curry, 3082 Ivy Hill Circle Unit D, $54,000

Christopher P. and Melanie B. Whitmore to Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, Durst, $40,000

Deidri L. Vanalstine to Nataline K. Bryant, 3308 Trappers Trail Unit B, $89,900

A & T Family of Ohio LLC to Janet M. and Gregory A. Traphagen, 3426 North Park, $125,000


Robert E. and Laura M. Yoder to Daniel R. Mullet, 1829 Flagg East Road, $175,000

Nicole M. Jacques to Neal J. and Susan K. Weaver, 9660 state Route 45, $120,000


Marguerite G. Adams to James S. Soltis Jr., 4733 Phalanx, $93,500


Bristolville DOHP XI LLC to 6020 state Route 45 LLC, 6000 state Route 45, $1,207,050

Jean M. Siljander to Jonathan P. Tarajcak, 1651 Greenville, $125,000


Erik P. and Ashley M. Bateman to Bret and Roxanne Bohach, Albright McKay Road, $25,000

Katherine H. McKelvey to Cynthia M. Clark, 1172 Bedford, $56,000


Deborah Biancucci and Pamela Kilp to Brittanie Baugher, 170 Earl, $119,900

Amanda Fenstermaker and Clinton R. Kellar, 4010 North Park, $84,000

Pekarovic Land Company LLC to Sarah D.R. Moore, 375 Towson, $123,000

Frank Cesta to Stacy N. Strickland, 5799 Mahoning, $21,000

Timothy W. and Dolores E. Aston to Brandy A. and Tony A. Bailey, 7162 Mahoning, $204,000

Justin M. McAllister to Jay A. Stankey, 334 Stewart, $96,000


Charles E. Jr. and Linda Nochta to Robert Liborio and Lenore Mangiaelli, 520 Sycamore Trail, $226,000

Lawrence N. and Linda C. Mears to Michael A. Newhouse, 245 Laura Lane, $185,000

Sandra K. Eastman to Carrie A. Russo, 170 Frostwood, $159,900

Laura M. Petrocco to Rodger L. and Erick L. Killingsworth, Maplewood Drive, $191,200

John Wells to Thomas M. Davis and Rose L. Milas, 105 Tournament, $125,000

Mark E. Daniels to Erik D. Ovesny, 367 Cherry Hill, $162,000


Raymond K. and Mary A. Mullenax to Norman J. and Kristine I. Miller, 4987 Ensign, $185,000


David D. Richards to Daveen Donofrio and Eric Dombrowski, 2534 Henn Hyde, $157,500

Dale L. Bliss to Christine Hess, 4628 Wilson Sharpsville, $76,000

William E. and Pamela K. Ritter to Edward Hecker, 5037 Wilson Sharpsville, $59,900


John R. Wolbrecht and Tiffany Stone Wolbrecht to Ashlee Dikun and Michelle C. Dikun, 926 Washington, $49,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Scott Patterson Sr. and Sharon Patterson, 532 Mosier, $24,732

Herman A. Weddell to Richard A. McGlynn Jr., 563 Broadway, $78,000

Roger V. and Sheila M. Deiple to SR Ohio LLC, 423 Illinois, $20,000


Jennifer A. Leightner to Charles P. Leightner, 982 Howland Wilson Road, $128,000

Richard B. and Sheryn L. Street to William C. and Nancy R. Nail, 137 North Aspen, $200,750

Cherie L. James to VT Larney LTD, 4409 Sunnybrook, $50,100

Bruce H. Hawkins to Gary L. Spencer, 8478 Squirrel Hill, $135,000

Virginia D. Villwock to John M. Parkinson III, 2096 Stillwagon, $65,000

Patricia J. Smith and Richard P. Jenyk to Debra L. ORourke, 2500 N. River Unit A 3, $28,000

Graceann E. Tompkins to Ian A. and Robin L. Matela, 3798 Crestview, $82,500

Kenneth L. Hurd to Keith A. Milliron, 9584 Howland Springs, $47,873

Carl W. Hall to Robert W. and Rosemarie Simons, 3047 Hoffman Circle, $155,000

Hyo and Jin Kim to Thomas and Koula Glaros Ross, 455 Avalon Drive, $241,000

John H. Szewczyk Jr. to Matthew J. and Danielle M. Sauer, Kings Graves, $270,000

Sadia Sindhu to Robert Stark, 308 Willow, $63,000

Robert G. and Helen I. Bilchak to Nathanial J. Orrick, 3573 Valacamp, $81,900


Mary Ellen Ferrett to Kelly M. Herrmann and Jane M. Gainard, 318 Stewart, $75,000

Patrick J. Donlin Jr. and Rosalie A. Wagner to Curtis W. Shetock, 144 Parkview, $110,000


Howard R. and Janie F. Lutz to Christopher J. Tolnar, 5939 Ridge Road, $220,000


Elizabeth D. Mirone to Richard Sr. and Becky S. Albrecht, 1416 Tomilu, $107,900

Christopher and Lori L. Wilson to Sara Pretoka, 1002 Leslie Lane, $76,000

John Woods Sr. to Sharon E. Cox, 503 Montrose, $129,900

George H. Rush Jr. to Randall F. Pegg, 1225 Rose, $77,600


Deborah S. Joiner to Stephen E. McLaughlin, 494 Carson Salt Springs, $253,000

Sharon A. and George R. Ebling to Veronic M. and Ralph C. Free, 1584 Carson Salt Springs, $79,000

Robert and Yvonne Dillard to William Lanterman III, 610 Yerke Young, $115,000


Lawrence L. and Robin A. Robinson to Lawrence L. and Robin A. Robinson, state Route 46, $215,000

Judith L. Miklos to Ronald P. and Vicky L. Thompson, 6800 Phillips Rice, $140,000


Larry J. and Joan L. DeSalvo to Adam A. Wolfe, 32 Church, $110,000

Heather J. Haggerty to Wells Fargo Bank, La France, $50,000

Yolande Toumazos to Zachary J. and Susan E. Dade, 60 W. Eighth, $137,000


Evelyn B. Zeller to Meschack Kioko and Caroline Kioko, 409 Ashbury Lane, $83,000

Barbara J. Salyard to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 372 W. Park, $23,423

Chemical Bank to Roger A. Crawford, 1039 Vienna, $26,000

Rose Marie Surak to Brett and Elisabeth Miller, 1883 Cardinal Court, $124,000

Adam R. Pritz to Jeffrey M. Ashton, 429 Fenton, $27,000

Charlene Rabel and Karen Schimley to Edward and Josephine Sadosky, 1428 Youll, $64,900

KCC to Steve L. Cvengros and Denise M. Patrick, 887 Nancy, $125,000


Charles Jr. and Ramona F. Petty to Wells Fargo Bank, 4453 Portage Easterly, $72,000


Geraldine A. House to David E. and Heather L. Thomas, 1463 Melbourne, $80,000

Charles S. and Grace M. Kronis to Gary and Stephanie Fiest, 3855 Warren Sharon, $135,100

Erma Deramo to Erin Miller, 3707 Warren Sharon, $110,000

Larry McWreath to A&N Land Company LLC, 3380 Kings Graves, $308,043


Nicole V. Barton to William E. Bobbitt, Fairway, $185,000

Frank J. Hoso III to Michael Scott Bethany Hope Rudd, 437 Meadowbrook, $59,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Anthony L. Angelo, Perkinswood Blvd., $36,000

George and Sophia Funtulis to Bin Resources LLC, 1217 McKinley, $33,000

Roaseanne Eartly to Ronald H. and Debra J. Pyles, 368 Butler, $85,450

Colonial Fund 17 to Equity Trust Company, 323 Porter, $21,500

Diane M. Burrows to Timothy J. Nickells Sr., 339 Gilmer, $88,900

3D Management Group LLC to One North East Health Systems Inc., Market, $60,000

Jason A. Statema to Steven L. Angus, 1163 McKinley, $44,000

Daniel E. and Nancy E. Sowash to Thomas and Janet Gaughan, 709 Belvedere, $105,000

Pamela J. Gimmarco to Steven R. Laird, 2763 Crestwood, $86,500

Frances S. Schock to Michael and Ann Alger, 941 Southern Blvd., $43,000

Marcus I. Java to William R. Foutz and Laura Thomas, 445 Olive, $36,000


Sam F. Accordino to Christopher D. Andrien, 2201 Harmon, $54,900

Scott Allen Sparks to Willie L. Sparks Sr., 2342 Salt Springs, $65,000

Mary C. Brunton to Dwayne A. and Anita L. Egbert, 3184 Roselawn, $62,500