Local gas prices down despite national jump

WARREN — Although the average fuel price across the country jumped this week, locally the cost of a regular gallon of gasoline decreased.

In the Warren-Youngstown area on Tuesday, consumers paid an average of $2.51 for a gallon of gas, according to national auto club AAA.

That compares to $2.55 per gallon the same day last week; $2.30 a month ago; and $1.97 this time last year.

However, the national gas price average increased nine cents inside of two weeks. Tuesday’s average price was $2.56 per gallon. That compares to $2.53 last week; $2.48 a month ago; and $2.17 last year.

AAA leaders said strong fall consumer gasoline demand has continued into November and is chipping away at national gasoline inventory.

Additionally, in its latest report, the Energy Information Administration reported that total gasoline inventories dropped by 3.3 million barrels.

“Compared to the first half of November last year, gas prices this November are on average 39 cents more expensive,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson. “However, while November gas prices have come in like a lion, AAA expects them to go out like a lamb.”

On the week, gas prices increased for the majority of states across the country. However, Ohio’s average price at $2.55 per gallon was lower than last week, when it was $2.62. Statewide, the average gas price was $2.55 versus $2.62 last week; $2.40 last month; and $1.98 last year.