PUCO orders surcharge for Youngstown Thermal

YOUNGSTOWN — The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has adopted an emergency surcharge that is to be implemented on Youngstown Thermal customer bills.

The move, PUCO officials said, was made Wednesday to make sure the business district of downtown Youngstown continues to receive service from the company.

Youngstown Thermal, which provides heat and other services to parts of the the city’s downtown area, was placed into receivership Tuesday by the Mahoning County Probate Court.

“The Commission understands that this is a tough situation for the customers of Youngstown Thermal,” stated PUCO Chairman Asim Z. Haque. “With the work of the receiver, as well as Youngstown leadership, we will continue to make every effort to see Youngstown Thermal’s customers through to a more viable long-term solution.”

PUCO also directed the company to file final tariffs consistent with the order and to notify their customers of the changes to the tariff within 30 days.

The tariffs are to be approved upon filing, subject to final review by PUCO, the commission said.

PUCO began reviewing the utility’s financial stability on June 14 after the company notified the commission of it financial troubles.

On June 29, PUCO staff filed a report of its review, finding the utility was unable to pay its own utility suppliers, debt obligations and payroll.

The next day, the commission directed the Ohio Attorney General to seek authority from a local court to place the company into receivership.

PUCO ordered its staff on July 21 to develop an emergency surcharge that was to be established for the utility “in light of the utilities ongoing financial struggles,” commission leaders said.



A copy of the PUCO order and staff report are available on the PUCO website at www.PUCO.ohio.gov. Click on the link to the Docketing Information System and enter case 17-1534-HC-UNC in the search field.