New owners cut a rug at Girard dance hall

GIRARD — The former Kuzman’s dance hall opened Thursday with a new name and under new ownership.

Rand Fusselman, who purchased the establishment at 1025 S. State St. in Girard earlier this year, said he chose the name Rolling Mills in honor of the former steel mill that once operated across the street and the people who worked there.

“The steel industry was such a big part of this Valley for so long. We wanted to do something with that steel theme. It’s a big part of what we’ve done here,” said Fusselman, noting Rolling Mills was Girard’s first steel mill.

Along with some renovations completed by Fusselman and his team, which includes family members, patrons can expect a few other change-ups.

For example, the pool table was moved from a side room to make extra space for dining.

The dance floor, known for decades as a hot spot for the area’s polka enthusiasts, now will include other genres, such as country and pop, Fusselman said.

Helen Kuzman ran the business after her husband, John, died in 2010. Her family sold the building after she died in January at the age of 87.

“We haven’t touched the dance floor,” he said.

But there have been some changes to the banquet room, which can accommodate up to 350 people, where the dance floor is located.

The bar area sports new carpeting and is decorated with stainless steel that gives it an industrial feel. Fusselman painted the interior and renovated the restrooms.

The ballroom side of the establishment opened last month. On Thursday, Fusselman started serving lunch and dinner. At some point, he plans to serve breakfast, which at one time was the most popular meal among local workers when Kuzman’s was still in operation.

Fusselman, who retired from his job as a chemical engineer at Delphi in April, is planning to hold a grand opening party within the next several weeks.