Millwood announces product expansions

VIENNA – Locally based Millwood Inc.’s Liberty Technologies announced that the company is expanding its storage and packaging products.

The company’s HDX storage products will add HDX EZ-Flow.

HDX applies pneumatic controls and deep lane storage principles to design, build and retrofit material handling and storage systems for manufacturers and distributors. HDX storage solutions have already been adopted by customers in the food, beverage, freezer, automotive and electronics industries.

The HDX-EZ incorporates EZ-Flow technology that allows for a wider variety of pallet sizes and weights in the same lane, company representatives explained.

To its Infinity stretch wrap family, the company is adding Infinity Ultra-high Performance (UHP), 28-gauge handwrap. Company leaders said the new Infinity product will save customers money.

In May, Millwood purchased the former Delphi building east of Ridge Road and west of the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport. Millwood’s local arm, Liberty Technologies, manufactures and reconditions equipment used in plants across the country.

The local site also houses the engineering group offices, warehousing and a packaging lab, where Millwood or Liberty can train clients the best ways to package, stack, wrap, strap, label and ship massive units on Millwood pallets.

The company operates machinery aimed solely at pulling and stretching what has been described as “plastic wrap” to see how much it can take before it snaps.

Millwood is a $275 million company employs about 1,500 workers in 26 facilities nationwide. Those facilities provide more than 150,000 new and 150,000 recycled pallets each week, according to information provided by the company. Locally, the company employs more than 100 workers, including about 40 in the existing Liberty Technologies plant on Myron Street in Hubbard.