Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Aug. 21-27.


Vicki Bansky to Daniel Gillies, 1199 Janet, $110,000.

Thomas Battison to Aaron Gilliam, 3772 Jeanette, $110,500.

Russell McQuaide to Samuel and Katherine Troyer, 3439 Eagles Loft, $69,000.


Adam and Emily Byler to Steven and Marie Detweiler, Flagg East, $50,000.


Huntington National Bank to Kathryn and Donald Wolford, 1276 Bedford Road, $22,680.

Magos Shafer LLC to David and Margaret Zilk, 6554 Stewart Sharon, $16,000.


William Scicolone to Christine Miterko, 5212 Calla, $123,000.

Richard and Jacqueline Slama to Kathleen Johnson, 5359 Sabrina Lane, $140,000.


Ronald LeMaster to Timothy Beanblossom, 401 Stahl, $124,000.

Benjamin Rodgers to John and Heather Hershberger, 189 Colonial S., $138,500.


William Hurlbert to Amos and Amanda Gramelt, 3765 Sodom Hutchings, $104,419.


Michael Gallagher to Gregory and Nicol Tauro, 108 Churchill, $61,000.

Cody Leek to Robert Dickason, 307 Liberty, $30,000.

Amanda Platthy to Joseph Malvasia III, 849 Woodlawn, $94,500.

Shawn Twardzik to Wells Fargo Bank, 114 Market, $14,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to Russell and Linda Roose, 521 Ward, $3,000.


Arlene Davison to Brandon Engster, 2257 Silver Fox Lane, $83,000.

Mark Gray to Tracy Burnette, 8474 Old Farm Trail, $153,000.

Frederick Hendrickson to Bette Crytzer, 3932 Aleesa, $108,900.

Michael Lepo to Daniel Gisewhite Jr., 3060 N. River, $28,000.

Jeremy and Jennifer Matyas to Christopher Kelly, 1461 Woodhill, $190,000.

Miriam Perotta to Ronald and Sharon Helsel, 3591 Atlantic, $77,900.

David and Ruth Williams to Raymond and Laraine DeCristofaro, Kimblewick Lane, $218,000.

Benjamin and Deborah Wolf to Thomas Wright, 1943 Celestial Drive, $205,000.

Robert and Susan Yager to Dwayne Liccardi, 2314 North, $80,000.


GPC Land Developmet Co. to Navy Timber Point Real Estate LLC, Timber Lake, $80,000.


Jeremy Cottrell to David Waite, 6471 Yoder, $100,000.

Kinsman Industrial House Inc. to PP & S Properties LLC, 6117 Burnett E., $10,000.


Lori Ciminero to Wells Fargo Bank, 3585 Staunton, $40,000.

Anthony and Carol Parker to HSBC Bank, 465 Arbor Circle, $54,000.

Marvin and Sonja Schwartz to Kenneth Stokes, 510 E. Liberty, $84,000.


HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to U.S. Bank Trust, 2531 Griffith, $94,800.

U.S. Bank National Association to Mary Steigerwald, 6048 Phillips Rice, $16,000.

U.S. Bank Trust to Justin and Cecelia Cross, 2531 Griffith, $74,000.


Donald Drum to Twins Commercial Group LLC, 1190 Pennsylvania St., $61,688.


William and Ann Clemens to Erin and Adam Morris, 414 Lincoln Way, $89,900.

Timothy Stevens to Darlene Hawkins, 856 John, $50,870.


Dawn Jura to Earl Johnson, Chestnut, $11,000.

L & V Associates to Gary and Amy Martin, 29 E. River Road, $127,371.


Richard and Dianna Skidmore to Richard Marshall Jr., 4776 Doty E., $160,000.


Cortland Savings and Bank to Joseph Marzullo, 1304 Kingsville, $48,600.

Helen Hefko to Blaine and Melanye Hankins, 1148 Scoville N., $100,000.

Crystal Palac to Sherif and Terra Youssef, 404 Niles Vienna, $144,000.

Donald Petronelli to Joshua Cleland, 1645 Warner, $176,900.


Elizabeth Conway to Lawrence Johnson, 1016 Willard, $48,000.

Deutsche Bank to Andre Riley, 1544 Hollywood, $12,500.

Thomas Hayden to Raymond and Carol Lutz, 2996 Hewitt Gifford, $40,000.

KIMCO Investments LLC to Marilyn Feldman, 196 Charles, $10,000.

Maxine Myers to Robert and Linda Baker, 2195 Leavitt, $110,000.

R & S Land Company LLC to Echo’s Retreat LLC, 394 Bonnie Brae, $18,000.

R & S Land Company LTD to William Beggs, 766 Adelaide, $17,000.

Susan Rebhan to James and Betty Jacola, 3810 N. Woods, $72,000.

Dennis Redmond to Joshua Fannin, 678 Mahoning, $70,000.

Ryan Simones to Dirk Doverspike Raymond Trevelline Co., 128 Ford, $5,000.

Lyn Stewart to Bank of America, 715 Belvedere, $24,000.

Trumbull Investment Properties to Kelly Chamberlain, 885 Willard, $60,000.