Menards construction begins

BAZETTA – Demolition is nearly complete on the former Walmart store along Elm Road, and construction of a new Menards home improvement store has begun, a Menards spokes-man said Wednesday.

A building permit for the 248,000-square-foot building at 2057 Elm Road was issued last week for the new building. It lists the project value at $18 million.

“If all goes as planned, we hope to open this new store in early 2015,” Jeff Abbott, Menards spokesman said Wednesday.

Wisconsin-based Menards began razing the building in November to make way for a new store after finalizing purchase of the property in August.

Rather than “demolition” the company has described the razing as “deconstruction” with plans to dismantle and salvage, reuse or recycle much of the materials.

This store will be the eastern-most location for the 50-year-old company which operates more than 270 stores in 14 states, mostly the Midwest.

Menards has said it expects to hire about 150 workers, including about 50 full-timers.

The company will begin accepting applications at the store once management staff is on-site later this year, Abbott said.