Cortland seeks business development

CORTLAND – The city plans to promote business development in their vacant properties through a presentation put together by Liberty-based Rubenstein Associates. Council passed the first reading of an ordinance sponsoring the effort at a cost not to exceed $2,800.

“The obvious goal is to grow business, to fill our empty buildings. If you have more retail, you’ll have more people wanting to live here,” Mayor Curt Moll said.

Properties north of the city and and in its south corridor are among those on which they want to concentrate efforts. The ordinance still needs two more readings by council and then the promotional presentation must be developed and shown to business owners and developers.

Council President Jim Woofter said he hopes the process will be completed by early May.

“If it helps the tax base, it helps everybody,” he said.

The idea has been on the city’s comprehensive plan for a while, but he said they have been holding off for the economy to brighten and have been working on other issues first.