YBI program to support local manufacturing

The Youngstown Business Incubator, in conjunction with Youngstown State University and other partners, has been named the lead investigator and project manager for a $1.3 million award to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing technology with the U.S. foundry industry.

“This award marks the next step in YBI’s efforts to transform the region’s economy. We’ve long been known for our work with start-ups; now we’ll be able to assist our existing manufacturing base understand how to optimize new technology to make them more competitive,” said Barbara Ewing, chief operating officer for the Youngstown Business Incubator.

An example of growth in additive manufacturing is improvements to sand casting, a relatively inexpensive manufacturing process used for things like engine blocks pump housings or cylinder heads.

The process has been limited by the cost and time to make molds. New use of additive manufacturing to create the sand cores, much more intricate designs can be created cost efficiently.

Companies interested in learning more about how the technology can benefit them, can contact Barb Ewing at bewing@ybi.org.