Edison upgrades planned

Improved relays at substations to local cities, new wiring in Trumbull County and increased local tree trimming are among Ohio Edison’s plans to spend $275 million in northern and central Ohio.

The projects were announced Thursday.

“The planned infrastructure projects are designed to help maintain our system on a day-to-day basis to benefit Ohio Edison customers now while helping to prepare our system for future load growth,” said David Karafa, regional president of Ohio Edison.

“Whether it be building new substations, installing equipment that can be operated remotely, or spending on vegetation management, our ultimate goal is to continue to enhance the reliability of our system to benefit our customers,” Karafa said.

Ohio Edison’s 2013 reliability enhancements are expected to benefit customers throughout its service area. The local projects include:

Completing new modular substations to serve areas of growing load in Brimfield Township in western Portage County; and spending approximately $2 million improving circuit capacity and replacing wires to enhance system operation capabilities designed to help ensure reliable service for customers in Columbiana, Trumbull, Lorain and Medina counties.

Projects also will include installing improved relays and computer control systems at substations in Cortland, Garrettsville, Warren and Youngstown to aid remote monitoring and operations of these stations from Ohio Edison’s dispatch center in Akron.

The company said animal guards will be installed, insulators and switches will be replaced and breaker upgrades will be made to help reduce the frequency and duration of outages.

The company also plans to spend more than $8.5 million inspecting and replacing distribution poles.