Cartoon cartography

Trumbull County is a colorful community brimming with a unique blend of historic buildings, vital businesses and beautiful scenery.

With that sentiment in mind, the Tribune Chronicle presents a snapshot of the area in a full color cartoon map, celebrating many of the county’s most recognizable landmarks.

All told, the aerial rendering includes 120 businesses on a 36-by-24 poster.

Kim Bergman, Tribune Chronicle advertising director, said this project has been in the works for some time.

“We haven’t had one in the market in many years. The older ones are interesting to look at, and it is neat to note who’s around,” Bergman said. “It is a nice product that people can have fun with. People like to hold on to them and get them framed.”

Steve Freer, graphic artist for the Tribune Chronicle, designed the map over the last year. After painstakingly creating each of the 120 elements, Freer explained things started to come together in late 2012.

“I started putting all the elements together and actually creating a background,” Freer said. “Probably about end of January, beginning of February is when the map was actually completed.”

From Mosquito Creek Reservoir to the Eastwood Mall and everything in between, the map captures the overall flavor of the area but doesn’t miss the smallest distinguishing details. The lawn around the Trumbull County Courthouse is carefully carved, while an Army figurine kneels at the ready above Mickey’s Army-Navy. Meanwhile, a canoe is steered across Mosquito Lake and a tasty slice of pizza sits atop the Sunrise Inn.

“There are a lot of iconic buildings in Trumbull County,” Freer said. “I think, overall it captures a look and a lot of the buildings are recognizable.”

Attorney Bill Urban, whose Urban Co. LPA practice in Warren is highlighted on the map, was beaming with the final result.

“I’d like to get a few for my clients to display at their businesses,” Urban said. “It’s very nice and lots of other big cities have done similar things. I know that I’ve seen them in Fort Lauderdale and other places. It is nice to see Warren doing something similar.

“It has some very nice artwork and it was very well put together. I was surprised to find out that it was a local artist who did it,” he said.

Urban said the quantity of businesses stood out to him as he studied the map for the first time.

“The amount of the businesses on it is very impressive. That’s exactly why I’d like to get it framed,” Urban said.