Howland seeks input on Golden Triangle

HOWLAND – Officials here have invited businesses and residents from the ”Golden Triangle” area of the township to a gathering Thursday to discuss possible needs for the area as part of a corridor study.

The Golden Triangle – named for the money-making nature of businesses located within its borders – includes the northeast corner of the township up to a loosely defined border of railroad tracks that cut across the township. The area spills over into Morgandale, sometimes past Elm Road, and houses Delphi Packard Electric, Thompson Mechanical, Liberty Steel and numerous other companies.

According to township Administrator Darlene St. George, the initial meeting on Thursday is to gather public input and see what the area might need, if anything, in terms of infrastructure changes and updates.

“There are a lot of industries over there that we’d like to keep sustainable,” St. George said.

St. George said while they are not looking at a huge economic development, they have partnered with the county engineer since there are county roads that run through the area.

With Howland on the study is Donald Barzak, director of governmental affairs and grants and special project coordinator at the Trumbull County Engineer’s Office.

“We were more than happy to partner with Howland,” Barzak said.

At the initial meeting Barzak said they may determine needs for changes in roadways, waterlines, sewers and similar items. From that, Barzak said they will be able to determine whether it is worth moving forward to a more intensive study. If so, the engineer’s office and Howland may jointly apply for a future planning grant from Eastgate, a regional development planning agency for Trumbull and Mahoning counties.