Rebreather working on some new music

For years, local act Rebreather has been well known and loved for their atmospheric, noisy and heavy live shows.

The band’s studio material is just as powerful as their delivery on stage.

Vocalist / guitarist Barley Rantilla of Cortland said the band is working on a new album in 2018 with the same heavy Rebreather aesthetic but with a slightly new musical approach.

“Our new music is going to have a little more of a shoegaze vibe, and then there are a couple of songs that are filled with big and heavy riffs,” he said. “I think this material is more melodic, but Rebreather’s previous albums always had a melodic approach. Our new material is going to have more of a darker ’90’s indie rock sound and is darker than our previous material. I have been listening to a lot of hip hop, such as Run The Jewels and Aesop Rock, while writing and recording these new songs.”

Rantilla said that the band’s new bass player, Steve Wishnewski, brings out the darker indie rock approach in Rebreather’s music. The band also includes Steve Gardner on drums.

Last month, Rebreather uploaded all of their discography on, where it is available for purchase. The band’s discography includes “Half Speed Ahead” (2000), “Need Another Seven Astronauts,” (2002), “BESIDES” (2005), “Finale” (2006), “Sunflower” (2008) and “Slowdance” (2009).

As for new music, Rantilla said, “We have about six or seven songs we are working on and we finished two new songs, which are called ‘Open Your Eyes’ and ‘Countdown,’ which is an older song we never recorded. The song, ‘Open Your Eyes’ was the first song bassist Wishnewski and I wrote together. Today there is more of a collaboration during the songwriting process. With the rest of the songs, we are still writing the music with tentative vocals.”

In January Rebreather recorded a MindRocket Project Session, a live video session series put together by Jimmy Martin of Warren, host of the podcast, The JimmyFro Indie Music Show.

“We played our two new songs for the MindRocket Project Sessions,” Rantilla said. Martin said that our MindRocket Project Session is not online yet, but is still in the editing process … It was fun recording that session. (MindRocket Recording Studio owner) Josh Roman and Martin are great to work with and it was fun just plugging in and just playing a live set. MindRocket Recording Studio has been a home for Rebreather for many years. Roman recorded and produced practically all of our discography except for the compilations of our outtake recordings.”