Toyhio targets ’80s collectors

Nostalgia will reign Saturday at the Metroplex Expo Center for Toyhio.

Toys and collectibles from various eras will be featured, but the show’s primary focus are those who grew up with toys like G.I. Joe, He-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Tom Troll, who is putting on the show with Rick Fusselman, said, “That core demo of the ’80s collector is now in their mid-, late-30s and 40s. You’re finally at that spot where you can rebuy your childhood.”

“The Toys That Made Us,” a Netflix documentary series that looks at different iconic toy franchises, also has sparked interest in those collectibles.

Troll described himself and Fusselman as life-long collectors.

“You get to a certain point in collecting where you eventually just start selling,” he said. “You need to feed the machine.”

The fact that the show keeps moving to larger locations is an indication of the popularity of the hobby. The first Toyhio was held at the McKinley Heights Fire Hall, while the second show moved to the Avon Oaks Ballroom in Girard.

The Metroplex is its largest venue yet, and Troll said they will have about 50 vendors. There will contemporary collectibles like Funko Pop! figures as well as toys from the ’70s and older.

“We just want to get more faces through the door and make sure all the vendors are happy and all the people that come are happy,” Troll said.