Weber returns to Butler for ‘Elemental’

Artist Sally Weber returns to the Butler Institute of American Art for an exhibition opening Sunday.

In the exhibition “Sally Weber: Elemental,” the elements carbon, gold and iron are integrated with works of light. Early alchemists believed metals matured in the ground, transforming over time from base metals to the royal metals, Silver and gold. Their intent was to carefully transmute metals from one stage to another, speeding up the process.

Iron, the most abundant metal in the universe, is the actual transformative metal. Its fusion in the core of a star triggers a supernova and the subsequent creation of all the heavier metals including silver, gold, uranium and plutonium and is fundamental to the Earth and all life.

According to Butler Executive Director Louis Zona, “The basis of all great and enduring art is creativity. Clearly one of the most inventive artists working today is Sally Weber, whose art is an exploration of possibilities. Her work installed in the Butler’s Flad Galleries demonstrates the range of her talent and resourcefulness. Audiences will be captured by her remarkable holographic pieces in addition to projected light and imagery. If art is meant to move us or inspire us, ‘Elemental’ has hit the mark.”

Weber exhibited her holographic work at the Butler in 2006-07.

“Elemental” will be on display through July 22 at the Butler, 524 Wick Ave., Youngstown. A meet-the-artist reception is scheduled from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday. For more information, call 330-743-1107.