Environment lecture series returning to YSU

A dozen events will be part of the Youngstown State University Lecture Series on Energy and the Environment.

The lecture series is sponsored in part by the James Dale Ethics Center and organized by Ray Beiersdorfer, a YSU geology professor.

Speakers this semester will include Neela Banerjee, a former Los Angeles Times reporter who has won awards for her work for Inside Climate News; Greg Palast, who writes for Rolling Stone magazine and reports for BBC Television; and Jill Peeters, a TV meteorologist in Belgium and one of the few TV meteorologists who makes the connection between extreme weather events and global warming.

The lectures are free and start at 7 p.m. in room B100 of Cushwa Hall. All but one of the presentations is via Skype.

The schedule is:

l Wednesday — Glenn Gall, an organic farmer from Oberlin, on “Growing a Livable Climate: Agriculture, Moisture, and Carbon.”

l Jan. 31 — Alexander Krokus, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Portland State University, “The Neoteric Induced Seismicity Legal Conundrum.”

l Feb. 7 — Carolyn LaFleur of the Houston Advanced Research Center on “Hydraulic Fracturing for Domestic Energy Development — Best Practices for Environmental Management.”

l Feb. 14 — Kathleen Buckingham of the World Resources Institute on “Implementing Successful Forest and Landscape Restoration, and the Environmental Costs of Valentine’s Day Flowers.”

l Feb. 21 — Raina Rippel of the SWPA Environmental Health Project on “Protecting Your Family’s Health When Fracking is Your Neighbor.”

l Feb. 28 — Margaret Cook of the University of Texas on “Water Resources and Hydraulic Fracturing in Texas.”

l March 14 — Anthony Ingraffea of Cornell University on “The Science of Shale Gas & Oil.”

l March 21 — Brian R. Ellis of the University of Michigan on “Toxic Element Mobilization in Gas-Bearing Shale.”

l March 28 — Joe Mangano of the Radiation and Public Health Project on “Infant Mortality and Fracking in Pennsylvania.”

l April 4 — Neela Banerjee on “Industrial Strength: How the U.S. Government Hid Fracking’s Risks to Drinking Water.”

l April 11 — Greg Palast on “The Billionaires Who Bought the Air You Breathe.”

l April 18 — Jill Peeters on “Climate Without Borders.”

For more information, contact Beiersdorfer at 330-941-1753 or ray@cc.ysu.edu.