Journalist makes second TTH appearance

Sid Davis returns for a Trumbull Town Hall program next week.

Davis, a Youngstown native and Ohio University graduate who began his professional career as a reporter and news director at WKBN-TV in Youngstown, spent 40 years as a reporter, White House correspondent and news executive. He covered nine presidents, starting with Dwight Eisenhower.

He was in the Dallas motorcade when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, and he covered the swearing in of President Lyndon B. Johnson aboard Air Force One.

Davis covered presidential trips to the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Korea, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe, and he also covered the early space launches of the original seven Mercury astronauts as well as Neil Armstrong’s moon landing.

He served as a vice president and Washington bureaus chief for NBC News, and Washington bureau chief for the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company.

While his 2013 Trumbull Town Hall appearance focused primarily on John F. Kennedy and the 50th anniversary of his assassination, the topic for his talk this time will be “Nine Presidents — Reflections of a White House Correspondent.”

The program starts at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at Packard Music Hall, 1703 Mahoning Ave. NW, Warren. Tickets are $35 and are available at the Packard box office and through Ticketmaster.