PCMC plays at and benefits from Pabstolutely

The Purple Cat Music Class isn’t just a beneficiary of Pabstolutely. It’s one of the performers.

Proceeds from the annual music festival, which will be held Saturday at the Royal Oaks in Youngstown, benefits Golden String Inc., a nonprofit organization that works with adults with disabilities and provides an adult daycare environment.

It operates its own Internet radio station (Golden String Radio), an arts and theater program (Purple Cat Productions), a work program (Purple Cat at Farmer Casey’s Ranch) and its own music education program, The Purple Cat Music Class.

Participants in PCMC will be among the first acts at the daylong event with a 12:30 p.m. set time.

Jason Murphy, instructor of the class, said, “We prepared our most ambitious set to date, including a tribute to Queen and electro pop reimagining of a Donovan classic, as well as Tiny Tim as you’ve never heard him before.”

This is the third year the class has performed at Pabstolutely. Participants recently staged their first talent show at the Youngstown Playhouse and have been working in the recording studio.

“We been working on recording quite a few covers to help develop our sound and expand the pool of artists that our band members are aware of and hopefully draw creativity from. New original songs are always in the works and an original full length LP is a goal of ours,” Murphy said.

Murphy said like any new band with time in the studio, and on stage under their belts, the PCMC all grow as musicians.

“One thing I can say about my band is that our roster is consistently growing and changing,” he said. “I have become more efficient in the studio and our musicians are honing their skills and growing as human beings every day, right before my eyes. We look forward to moving into our new studio on Phelps Street in Youngstown at the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018.”