Douglas joins Auerbach on solo album

Jerry Douglas has performed on more than 2,000 albums in his career, recording with a who’s who of country and bluegrass artists, as well as rock and pop artists like James Taylor, John Fogerty and Sting.

Splitting time with Alison Krauss + Union Station, the Earls of Leicester, the Jerry Douglas Band and other musical projects, the Leavittsburg native spends less time these days as a studio player, but he does appear on “Waiting on a Song,” a solo album released in June by a fellow northeast Ohio musician, Akron native Dan Auerbach of the The Black Keys.

Douglas said he first met Auerbach several years ago when Douglas got involved in a film project about bluegrass legend Bill Monroe and Bessie Lee Mauldin, his bass player and eventually his mistress.

“The movie never quite got off the ground, but Dan went in and sang a lot of Bill Monroe songs for the soundtrack,” Douglas said. “That never lifted off, not yet anyway.”

Auerbach now lives in Nashville, and Douglas said when he’s not touring he often goes in and records with Auerbach and some other top Music City players. While The Black Keys became famous for blues-inspired rock, Auerbach also has a great affection for bluegrass and traditional county.

“I couldn’t believe he did that kind of thing, that he had an ounce of respect or love for that kind of music, but he does, loads,” Douglas said.