YSU hosts Octubafest

Tribune Chronicle

Tuba and euphonium players will take center stage at an Octubafest concert at Youngstown State University.

Honoring the rich heritage of the tuba and euphonium, “Octubafest” was established in 1973 by Harvey Phillips, professor emeritus of Indiana University School of Music, and is generally a series of concerts and public recitals showcasing the solo and ensemble repertoire for tuba and euphonium.

Sunday’s concert, directed by Brian Kiser, will feature student musicians Rebecca Shelton, euphonium; Travis Beatty, tuba; Alyssa Kordecki, tuba; Kyler Freeland, euphonium; David Ottney, euphonium; Lauren Zetts, tuba; David DePanicis, tuba; Brent Drysdale, euphonium; and Jacob Umbrazun, tuba.

The repertoire will be a combination of classical and contemporary pieces with a highlight of the concert being “Not Your Normal Set of Etudes: 10 Blind Dates for Solo Tuba” by James Grant. Commissioned by a consortium of 84 tuba players, each of the 10 “Blind Dates” depicts one aspect of the awkward social rite.

The concert will start at 6 p.m. in Bliss Recital Hall. Admission is free, and those attending are invited to wear costumes. For more information, call 330-941-2307.