Throw yourself into fun

How could it be? We are almost through July already.

Summer, to most of us, is our most enjoyable season, with warm days and nights filled with serene happiness. These days and nights usually include family vacations, which may include sand and sun-filled beaches with ocean views and much relaxation.

In our own northeast Ohio, tastes of fresh produce such as tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumbers, lettuce, eggplant, melons and many fruits abound and cannot be beat anywhere.

We also feel so much more comfortable in summer clothing, as we can relax without heavy coats as we explore our own outdoors without the discomfort of snow and ice. No more salt-covered highways, and our lovable autos also seem to be in a happy mode due to this.

Enjoying a cool drink or two doesn’t hurt at all. We may attend the many wineries available locally for an evening with family and friends that may include good food along with good wines. How could you beat that!

We must also be reminded that summer is short lived, and we must enjoy every moment of the sun- and fun-filled months and moments of life that are so cherished no matter of our age.

We all seem to want to bask in the sun rays coming from the central star of our solar system, and there are dangers of too much exposure, of which I hope we are fully aware. Tanning, though, has always been so appealing to most of us. There are dangers, though. Just ask your dermatologist — please!

Having loads of ice cream is a ritual that we so much enjoy during these summer months from kids to the very elderly. This all goes with summer as we momentarily forget our precious diets and go for two scoops!

Grilling outdoors is also appealing as steaks, ribs, and even burgers and hot dogs and much more are grilled with an aroma that lights up your whole neighborhood and with a taste that is so amazing. Can we say topped it off with a cold beer, which is the utmost.

Colorful flower beds cascade throughout the land along many roadsides, and personal flower beds and parks create vivid displays of many variations of perennials and annuals that seem to explode with radiance.

Of course, there is rain and thunder and lightning and droughts that seem to appear off and on without any control from we mortals. Rain, though, is so much welcomed as we drift into those droughts and watch afar as our favorite vegetable gardens, lawns, fruit trees and all plant life seem to perk up immediately. This is part of nature and readily accepted — and still much better than the ice storms frequented in winter time.

Mowing grass can be a chore, especially in the early spring as growth seems to never quit from day to day and our old friends the weeds and dandelions appear overnight begging to be slain in some way or another. Gotcha!

Now, I have gone on and on about the many pleasantries of the good old summertime. You see, life is meant to be enjoyed, and for those few brief months of summer, it can be a great part of our lives and it goes by quite swiftly and should be enjoyed by all.

Before you know it, November will be here and every trace of our beloved summer will be gone, as we look out the windows and see the snow and ice while carving the Thanksgiving turkey — which in a way isn’t too bad either!

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