Once again, best-laid plans wander astray

Sometimes, the best plans we can make just don’t work out. When we have been around the number of years many of us have been, we know that is going to happen.

Betty and I experienced one of those major changes at Christmas.

We had celebrated Christmas with Betty’s family Dec. 16 and had an enjoyable time. Some of her family are nearby and quite a few in Columbus and that area. We all managed to get together at her daughter’s home in Willoughby Hills in Lake County.

On Dec. 22, we had arrangements made to ride to BelAir, Md., to be with my family, an annual tradition. But earlier that week, our local emergency squad had to take me to the hospital. The problems were double pneumonia and congestive heart failure.

Our daughter in Minneapolis had planned to fly to Maryland, but she made some last-minute changes. She canceled her Maryland flight and got a one-way flight to Cleveland, where we arranged to have her picked up. We are thankful we have that service available locally.

So we spent time together while I was recovering and appreciated having Joy with us.

One of those days happened to be my birthday. The kind staff in food service found that out. We were able to get guest meals for Betty and Joy that were brought to us at meal time. Included with our trays was a small birthday cake prepared by the food service staff. It was very thoughtful of them.

On Friday, Dec. 22, I was discharged feeling fairly good, able to walk and get around without any help. However, they sent along a prescription for a powerful but dangerous antibiotic.

I took the first one of them on Saturday and within a few hours I was unable to walk and had extreme pain in my legs. This was something new to me.

After doing some checking, we found out that the antibiotic was the problem. Joy had a ride arranged to Maryland and we felt she should make the trip and we would deal with the leg problem.

Tylenol helped the pain but I was unable to walk without a Rollator. Being unable to get around very good has been new to me. I had not appreciated the use of good legs.

Betty’s family who lived close by all had other plans at Christmas, so we quietly spent Christmas Eve and Day by ourselves. In the past, we had always enjoyed the hustle and bustle of celebrating Christmas with family, so this one was different.

Yes, we missed being with family. They arranged a second best by getting on iPad and we enjoyed facetimes together several times. To be able to see and talk with them and they with us is one of the marvels of modern technology.

Sometimes we fuss about all the new electronics, but this was a time when we enjoyed modern technology. We are not addicted to smartphones like some, so our experience was new and enjoyable, a good Christmas present.

So our plans went astray and we had to deal with them. With the weather turning very cold with a lot of snow, it has been good to be able to stay inside and watch the snow fly. Sometimes it came down like a white-out or a blizzard, so we were thankful we could be inside where it is warm.

Over the years we have learned that plans can go astray and we have learned how to deal with changes and move on. There will be a brighter day ahead, even with leg problems.

Parker is an independent writer for the Tribune Chronicle.