Molly & Me: Dog doctors, barks, plays

First of all, let me explain who Molly is. She is not a relative or daughter, old friend or even my wife or, heaven forbid, an ex-girlfriend! She is my 5-year-old English springer spaniel and also my pal.

Her color is what they call liver and white, and she weighs in at about 45 pounds. She’s very intelligent and a big part of our family. She is the official greeter in our home, or, shall we say, our butler.

She seems eager to claim several titles, including my own practicing physician. Molly would never send out to the local pharmacy for expensive prescriptions. Her doctoring is done using her affection as a cure. Really a specialist in her field.

As of late, I have been ill and I thank my regular doctors for their part in my becoming well again. But I also thank Molly for her splendid knowledge of my illness and just being with me in rough times.

Molly, of course, loves doing dog things too, like barking at neighbors and chasing rabbits and squirrels, and corralling birds in our back yard. After all, springers are bird dogs and her instincts remain.

She constantly plays with her favorite toys called gator, ducky, hippo and lion, and knows which one to fetch when called upon. She also adores treats of most any kind.

My wife, Joyce, still works during the day and Molly is with me most of the day including watching me mow grass and attend my vegetable garden. She loves playing fetch in the back yard with her favorite football toy.

She knows practically nothing about the latest worldwide news and cable political news, and couldn’t care less.

When I leave the house for appointments or shopping, I tell her when I will be back, and she seems to know exactly when I will return.

I don’t think Molly would be a very good watch dog other than her barking. I do believe if a burglar had her favorite treat in hand, she would welcome them in with her own friendliness.

You see, Springers are really happy dogs and have a special zest in life with a lot of energy, and love spending time with children and humans of all ages. Springers are a real prize with their good looks and those long lush ears and a lot of energy and smarts as well. Who could resist dogs like Molly with that constant waggly tail?

It is a real pleasure having a dog who you care for and cares for you. There are still many good things left in this world of ours despite all the bad things that we are constantly reminded of. Just having a dog who you can turn to when things become bleak, a dog who will always be there for you no matter what, is a true Godsend.

I am not saying that you should go out and purchase a dog immediately to protect your own sanity. But give it some thought.

In my case, it is an extreme pleasure to watch Molly in action doing the things in her everyday life that are not so complicated compared to our human world filled with so much anxiety and sometimes depression.

Hold on! I’ll ask Molly and see what she thinks.