Moore Clement robbing, courtesy of poetess PK

As always, it’s time for my unabashed bootlegging of Clement C. Moore’s Christmas poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” — better known as “‘Twas the Night before Christmas” — a la PK, obvi. #wink

‘Twas four days before Christmas

When all through my brain

Manic thoughts were a ‘racing

Like a speeding freight train.

Did I get enough presents?

Did I buy ample drink?

If my prep work was a boat

It was starting to sink.

Between school, swim and work

I was in several directions.

And each area of focus

Was one of great affection!

I’d been spreading myself

So incredibly thin…

That the anxiety welling

Was starting to win.

“I’m dropping the ball,”

Crept in the self-doubt.

Feeling failed at so much,

I just wanted to shout:

“I’m not ready, slow down,

It’s all happening too fast!”

And then out of the blue

Came some thoughts from the past.

I was suddenly overcome

With happy memories of old.

Back when Christmas approaching

Was a thrill to behold.

For when I was a girl

The whole happy season

Was spent visiting with kin

And it truly was pleasin’.

To my Nonna’s and Aunt Mary’s

And then over to Rae’s.

To Aunts Louise and Loretta,

Where we’d heartily graze

On Italian cookies and candy

Plus some chippin’ and dippin’.

And who could forget

The espresso for sippin’?

And then came the time

A little closer to Christmas

For my sweet Grami’s stay with us;

That was tops on my wish list!

The recollections are as real

And as vivid right now

As when back when they happened

Or even clearer somehow.

Yet those precious memories

Would not have come to pass

If they hadn’t been highlighted

By celebrations at Mass.

Where we all came together

To remember the night

When the Christ Child arrived

To bring salvation and light.

So forget if the wrapping’s

Not perfectly done

Or the turkey is dry

Or the mashed potatoes run.

What matters is peace;

And the joy, hope and love

That was given to all of us

From the dear Lord above.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Kimerer is a Tribune Chronicle columnist who borrows from Clement C. Moore annually. Please don’t judge her too harshly; just check out her cheerful messages at