Channeling Clement for Valley-revised take on classic

As has become a tradition in this space, it is time once again for a decidedly PK take on the Clement Moore classic “A Visit from St. Nicholas” — or as it’s more commonly known, “‘Twas the Night before Christmas”:

‘Twas the morning of Christmas

When all through the region

Lots of folks were amazed

It was still football season …

For the YSU Penguins,

Who have well-proven lately

They’ve reclaimed the tenacity

Of their late ’90s heyday.

And this on the heels

Of a very good year

For the Cavs, Indians and Buckeyes,

All teams we hold dear.

So under each tree

As Valley residents stir

Is likely to be team gear

Made of leather or fur.

As Christmas Day unfolds

With its splendor and show,

It’s shaping up to be a great one

For our beloved Ohio.

Yet the rest of the country

And other parts of this world

May not be quite so happy

For every boy and girl.

There are many news stories

From the east to the west

That are incredibly sad

Even tragic, at best.

So as we gather for food

And for family fun

Let us pause to remember

It may be a hard day for some.

For the hurting or hungry

Or those suffering illness.

For the sad, down and lonely,

Innocent victims among us.

While you’re carving that turkey

Or diving into that pie

Do be grateful for laughter

While so many cry.

Let us offer up prayers

And truly reflect on the season.

Let’s remember the concept

And the primary reason

For our blessings and good fortune,

It is thanks to the Son

Who was sent from the Father

To save everyone.

And my wish for us all

As we gather today

Is that harmony and peace

Will find us and stay.

So cherish your wrapped gifts

And all those from above.

May you all bask in the joy

That is true Christmas love.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Joyous Holidays, all!

Kimerer is a Tribune Chronicle columnist and all she wants for Christmas is health and happiness for her family and friends … oh, and world peace, too. Contact her via her blog site