As Frosty always says, ‘Happy birthday!’

I know it’s “The Holidays.”

Sure, I’m aware that Hanukkah began last week. Yeah, I realize we are seven shopping days from… well, you know.

But for me, December is more like birthday season, yo.

First of all, I have clearly waxed on and on — and on a little more — about the beginning of the month being birthday central at my house thanks to the arrival some 18 years ago of my favorite human, Kyle Kimerer. #lightofmylife

But I think it really all started back when I was just a girl attending good old St. Matthias School.

Every year, when we were practicing for the Christmas pageant at Midnight Mass, one of the choir songs that invariably filled the air was “Every Christmas is a Birthday.”

To this very day, I can still hear my childhood pal Terri singing her own version of the tune. “Every Christmas is MY birthday!” she’d belt out, because that’s when she and her twin TJ were born. #loveyatee

As I grew older, I learned that Christmas is also the birthday of Margaritaville mayor, lifetime vacationer and sometime musician (not to mention entrepreneur and zillionaire) Jimmy Buffett. He’ll always be mine and Kerry’s favorite concert attraction.

Oh, and the very end of the month signifies the birthday of my dear, sweet late Grami. I can still see her smiling and humming along as she’d blow out the candles on the little cake Mom got her every Dec. 29th. #happymemories #missyougram

Indeed, December is the birthday month for many wonderful folks, like my adorable pal and former co-worker Laura, whom I affectionately refer to as my white-lighter.#youalwaysmakemesmile

As well as for my adorable pal and current co-worker Susan, with whom I have so much in common that it’s almost scary. #parallellives.

But this week will mark the birthdays of two of the most important women in my life: my sister, Gina, and my sister from another mister, Christine.

First, Chris. Lovingly called my Peep by anyone who knows us, Christine is the type of friend whose smile can lift a soul, whose wisdom could solve a universal mystery, whose loyalty is deeper than the snow in an Antarctic blizzard and whose kindness has literally no bounds.

As beautiful outside as she is within her heart of hearts, this woman’s birthday isn’t her lucky day, but mine — and everyone’s who is fortunate enough to know her. #loveyousoverymuchpeepster

Then there’s my big sis, Gina. Also known as Gina Bean, Beaners, Aunt Gigi and so many other fun, happy monikers, ’cause that’s my Gina, happy and fun.

It’s odd that Gina and I are identical is so many ways and in just as many, we are polar opposites. My one and only sis, the lone person on the planet who can totally tell me to stick it where the sun don’t shine and I know she’s doing it because she loves me — a lot. Like more than almost anybody else.

And she knows the same holds true for me. Gina’s the one I laugh with, cry with, sing old ’80s songs horrendously off-key with and, in lots of ways, is the closest person to me, period. #yousayitsyourbirhtday #loveyoubean

Obvi, the most important of all these December birthdays, however, is the one that happened more than 2,000 years ago in a little stable in the faraway town of Bethlehem in Israel. It’s the one that produced the gift that keeps on givin’, yo. #happybirthdayJesus

Kimerer is a Tribune Chronicle columnist who loves to celebrate Jesus’ birthday — and those other fine December babies, too. Visit her blog at