Giving thanks and wondering ‘What’s next?’

With only just a few weeks left in the year 2017, we sometimes wonder what’s next?

Today, we were absorbed and consumed in a Thanksgiving feast among family and friends, and we gave thanks and prayers as we were so immersed in a table of good food and good cheer. We sometimes wish that this could go on forever when, finally, after that last slice of pumpkin pie, goodbyes are given and the last family guest leaves our home.

Everything seems so quiet then. No more clanking of glasses of wine and stories and laughter and children playing in the next room. What’s next? After a brief period of what is known as Black Friday, which I need not explain (please!), what’s next?

We are now in preparation for the religious and most sacred, secular and commercialized holiday ever, which is still called Christmas by many people, followed by a brand new year. This is all a wonderful period as gifts are exchanged with real meaning, with music to listen to that is really out of this world, but sometimes may be a bit overdone.

Again, family and friends will return to celebrate the birth of our Savior and, of course, Santa Claus, too. This also accompanied with — of course — good food and drink and laughter and best wishes to one and all. Goodbyes are again said and quietness returns.

What’s next?

This is all followed by the celebration of New Year’s Eve, which can be very loud as the giant, lit ball appears and falls at Times Square with celebrations all over the world. The brand new year, 2018, is then celebrated with great food and drink again as families and friends rejoice.

This has always been and hopefully always will be the holiday period that best incites and excites families with a good feeling within.

What could be and maybe be next?

After much celebrating of those holidays, we again return to the sometimes drudgery of everyday life, family life, work life and hope for a new year. Will this year prevail as one of the best or worst? One wonders. Will the growth of the stock market continue? Will our own GM Lordstown plants pickup more Cruze production with maybe another entry or new product as well?

Will peace prevail throughout the world? Will the silliness of politics get really serious and actually think of the people they represent once in a while? Could there actually be defense shields put in place against incoming nukes? What about a real touchdown on Mars from NASA?

A go-ahead plan for speed train travel would be great. And Congress getting real serious about an infrastructure plan.

Do you believe that South Korea will be hosting the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in February?

There are many other things that certainly could become a reality in our new year, including robots performing surgeries with success. Is that too far out?

Breakthroughs in the medical world that will totally eradicate Alzheimer’s and many types of cancers that have killed many of our own family and friends — that could be the ultimate!

Climate change is usually just a topic of discussion. It could be more. Why not? Could what’s next or immediate following turn out to be what we all dream of including the happiest of all holidays and the aftermath of the things that we would love to come true or bigger yet?

In our own lifetime, we have been somewhat filled with a continuous episode of events and happenings that have thrust us all into a so called never, never land. So, I can believe it is quite appropriate for all of us to simply wonder and wish and hope for the best of what’s next.